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Crown Chimp Design and Development | Freelance Web Design and Development
crown chimp design & development
We like to bundle creativity and functionality into the same stage. We also like the word bundle. So we use it when we can.
Orlando Movies
Nothing gets creative juices going like Orlando Bloom movies.
We always produce quality work. You want it, we achieve it. Except self perpetual motion. No one can do that.
Lots of naps. Dreaming is for winners, so we intend to dream as much as we can.
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Evan Robold Photography Mobile
Evan Robold Photography Mobile
What You Need Mobile
who we are
Crown Chimp Design and Development is based out of hot-hot Arizona but we like to do work across the nation. Our primary focus is custom web design, content management systems and application development however we are comfortable working with any medium for the web (except charcoal, we found that out the messy way). We love working with enthusiastic creative types such as ourselves, so if you are looking for a sexy-sexy website, look no further.
Niche  We roll pretty deep with our sister company Crown Chimp Productions. With that intimate knowledge of the film making process, we really enjoy working with other directors and filmmakers. [NOTE TO SELF: Careful how you use the word "intimate".] So basically we specialize in crafting portfolio sites for filmmakers and photographers. We're also always very excited to create a website for a specific film- whether your goal is a website for an online release, promoting a screening or capturing fans, we can take care of you.
Design   Elegant. Minimal. Unique. Tasteful. Relevant. These are all great words to describe Jennifer Lawrence's dress at the 2012 Oscars. And of course to describe the custom web design produced here at Crown Chimp. We understand that design is the first step to great functionality and user experience. Collaboration is key and we never dominate creative control. Great creative ideas are all around us, I'm sure you have some, so let's hear 'em! Our finished products will leave you saying "Damn good job... damn good, bloody good, damn good job."
Development  Here at Crown Chimp Development we pride ourselves with our ongoing quest to learn new web technologies. We can create custom web applications from the ground up or help you maintain a web app that is already implemented. Our expertise stretches across (but is not limited to) the following: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, UI Design and Responsive Development. A custom web application or a mobile verson of your website will enhance the user experience and set your website apart from the other losers (not you, the other people).
Evan Robold Photography Mobile
Evan Robold Photography Mobile
What You Need Mobile
Three Ravens Boutique Mobile
Enzo Films Mobile
Enzo Films Mobile
What You Need Mobile
What You Need Mobile
When we aren't too busy nursing endangered animals back to life or solving intricate crime puzzles, Crown Chimp is ankle deep in projects. Whether for personal gain or for a client, we love working with new technologies. Check out some of our current projects on the right:
Evan Robold Photography Using the Codeigniter Framework, we are building Evan a custom content management system to manage all his galleries and albums. In place of a traditional "in-browser" file uploader, we are utilizing FireFTP to upload content. This allows Evan to create albums with 60+ photos in a matter of minutes. The front end of the website was also designed by our team. We collaborated heavily with Evan to achieve a simplistic look.
Three Ravens Boutique Is an ecommerce site powered by Shopify. The site will be selling a variety of vintage clothing, jewelry and aromatherapy oils with educational aromatherapy classes. If you are interested, check out the ThreeRavens current Etsy shop!
Tucson Art Map Mural This project is being headed by Melo King (smallmelo.com). Melo is a GIS Enthusiast and mobile developer based out of Redlands, California. Check out SmallMelo.com to read more details and progress of this project.
Mystery Box Stay tuned to learn what's next in our line up.
Whether you are interested in our design and development process, or would like to hire us on an upcoming project, feel free to contact us in any of the following methods:
Pricing  Our work is priced on a per project basis. Incorporating mobile capabilities, content management systems or custom web apps can affect the starting price of any project.

Please contact us to request a quote or to chat about your ideas.